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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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The Planning and Evaluation Service (PES) continues its effort to improve
the technical and editorial quality of the report, while reducing Its
size by focusing on current-year information* We have shortened the
document by 46% during the past two years* This effort should make the
report more useful to its intended audience in the Congress and in the
Department of Education*

A special word of thanks is In order to Janice Anderson, Acting Deputy
Director of PES, who reviewed each chapter for content and style* Each
Division Director of PES (Salvatore Corrallo, Alan Ginsburg, Robert
Maroney, Frank Nassetta, and Robert Stonehlll) reviewed the Division's
work with support from a lead editor for each Division (Robert Berls,
Robert Barnes, Edward Classman, Ann Weinhelmer, and Arthur Kirschenbaum,

In PES, Edward Classman was again responsible for coordination of report
preparation, with support from Leona Edwards and Yvonne Briscoe.  All
analysts and all secretaries in PES contributed through writing, revising,
and typing the program chapters. Program offices in the Department helped
with detailed comments on draft chapters about their own programs. Final-
ly, as in past years, Budget Service in the Office of Planning, Budget
and Evaluation, the Office of the Under Secretary, the Office of General
Counsel, and the Office of Legislation and Public Affairs, provided
extensive and invaluable corrections and comments on draft materials for
the entire report*

John D* Klenk
Director, Planning and
Evaluation Service

iiestions on making the report still more useful to